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501 Synonym & Antonym Questions

This book offers you simple and straightforward methods and practice for quickly and dramatically improving your verbal proficiency with synonyms and antonyms. Using a self-paced approach that moves from basic questions to more difficult ones, 501 Synonym & Antonym Questions teaches you to successfully prepare for this specialized section on exams.

You'll learn to:
* Get familiar with this question format on standardized testsStart thinking of words in terms of other words with similar or opposite meanings.
* Pinpoint exact word definitions and become aware of secondary word meanings.
* Switch gears from synonym questions to antonym questions, avoiding careless mistakes.
* Assess your true vocabulary level and get on the path to improvement.

All answers are explained, using short definitions and terms that clarify word meanings and their opposites for effective studying and positive reinforcement. 501 Synonym & Antonym Questions is the perfect preparation for civil service tests, the SAT, GRE, PSAT—and other standardized tests!

Format: pdf
Size: 1.1 MB



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