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501 Word Analogies Questions

This workbook offers you simple and straightforward methods and practice for quickly and dramatically improving your vocabulary and logic and reasoning skills. Using a self-paced approach that moves from basic questions to more difficult ones, 501 Word Analogy Questions teaches you to successfully prepare for all the different types of analogies that are tested on standardized exams and placement tests. You'll learn to:
* Get familiar with the question format on standardized testsPinpoint exact word definitions and become aware of secondary word meanings.
* Understand relationships between words.
* Draw logical conclusions about possible answer choices.
* Identify types of analogies—cause/effect, part/whole, type/category, synonyms, antonyms, and more!
* Assess your ability to apply logic and reasoning skills to word knowledge and put you on the path to improvement.

501 Word Analogy Questions is the perfect preparation for high school entrance exams, the SAT, GRE—and many other standardized tests!
Format: pdf
Size: 1.1 MB



  1. These analogies can be hard so good luck!

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